About Us
Hypothesis Research Ltd was founded in 2016 in England and Wales. We provide independent investment research, subsidised research and analytical services to professional investors, corporates and family offices.
Hypothesis Research Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Registered address: 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX.
Hypothesis Research provides the following services:
  1. Investment research for investment professionals, sophisticated investors and eligible parties
  2. Customised research and analytical support for buy-side and sell-side clients
  3. Subsidised research
  4. Analytical outsourcing
  5. Analytical support for private equity investments
  6. Market research
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Our principles
  1. We focus on providing high-quality research and services for our clients by implementing industry best practices
  2. We provide our services in the most efficient manner possible to lower the cost for clients
  3. We manage potential conflicts of interests, staying away from trading and deal origination
  4. We follow the strict deadlines set by clients
  5. We promote better market efficiency, benefitting both buy- and sell-side clients
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Our expertise
  1. Our coverage universe is expanding in line with our clients’ requests
  2. We have experience in many sectors - Oil & Gas, Materials, Financials, Real Estate, TMT, Infrastructure, Consumer, Technology and more
  3. Geographical exposure includes the US, EU and selected emerging and frontier markets
  4. We have wide experience of covering companies of different size – from majors to small caps
  5. We incorporate a data science approach in our clients’ portfolio management support