Our Services
Hypothesis Research provides independent investment research services to professional and sophisticated investors, and research subsidised by corporate.
Investment research for professional investors and sophisticated investors
  1. Stock and bond screening and selection – international markets
  2. Portfolio coverage for HNWI and family offices
  3. Expertise on emerging markets
  4. Investments in private companies
  5. Blockchain and crypto assets - analytical support
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Subsidised research
  1. Subsidised (fee-based or sponsored) research is paid for by a corporate issuer and provided free to investors
  2. Small & medium-size companies are usually covered by fewer analysts than their larger peers. Subsidised research makes it easier for smaller issuers to increase their audience among investors and improve stock liquidity
  3. Some companies with complex business models prefer to maintain subsidised research coverage to provide investors with more regular and in-depth investment reports than would be normal under independent research coverage
  4. Independent equity research providers are usually not involved in trading or investment banking activities. For investors, this provides transparency on the research providers’ motivation
  5. Hypothesis Research works with all issuers, regardless of their size and market. The scope of research, language and target audience are considered based on the issuer’s preferences and goals
  6. The Hypothesis Research distribution list includes professional information and data platforms (such as Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Refinitiv) and direct distribution to eligible investors
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Customised research for individual clients
  1. Coverage of illiquid and non-covered stocks
  2. Second opinions and independent views on financial instruments
  3. Non-public research on specific topics, sectors and markets
  4. Analytical support for Private Equity/Venture Capital investors
  5. Customised industry reports for non-public and public distribution
  6. Crypto research on particular instruments and topics
Portfolio strategies simulator
  1. We offer a service for low-frequency portfolio strategies testing and simulations. Our software provides back testing solutions based on market data. The simulation can run on our daily equity, fixed income and commodity data, or on data provided by a client.